Investment Property Loans and Financing


Versara Capital, a trusted investment property lender in the state, specializes in providing fast and reliable funding for real estate investors. With over 30 years of real estate experience, we offer investment property loans across the state.

As an experienced and direct hard money lender, we pride ourselves on. our ability to deliver fast approvals, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service. We have established a strong track record as one of the most reliable sources of hard money investment property loans in the area. With our extensive capital, experience, and expertise, we can swiftly fund your loan, meeting your financing needs efficiently. 

Choose Versara Capital as your direct hard money lender and experience a seamless and expedited funding process for your rental properties. We are committed to providing you with the reliable funding and support you need to achieve your real estate investment goals. 

Investment Property FinancingĀ 

At Versara Capital, we understand the needs of real estate investors, which is why we designed our loan application process to be fast and easy. We recognize that time is of the essence, so we streamline the paperwork and documentation requirements, resulting in quicker approvals and funding. Compared to traditional loans offered by banks and credit unions, our process is more efficient, allowing you to access your funds promptly. Additionally, as non-asset-based lenders, we have fewer stringent requirements.Ā 

Interest Rates for Investment Property LoansĀ 

The rate for the investment property loan can vary depending on multiple factors. Including, but not limited t, loan amount, loan duration, property location and condition, and the perceived risk associated with the interment. Hard money loans generally have higher interest rates compared to traditional loans, as conventional lenders primarily focus on owner-occupied home mortgages and do not typically offer financing for investment properties. However, hard money lenders creat healthy competition, resoling in relatively lower interest rates compared to many other regions in the USA.Ā 

Requirements for Investment Property LoansĀ 

In general, hard money lenders in Arizona have fewer loan requirements compared to traditional lenders. Here are some of the common requirements:Ā 

  • Down Payment: A significant down payment is trial the primary requirement for a hard money loan. This is usually in the range of 25 to 30 percent of the property's value or sufficient equity in the case of refinance .Ā 
  • Borrower's Finances: Borrowers must demonstrate that they have the necessary funds to cover monthly loan payments, taxes, insurance, and other holding costs associated with the investment property.Ā 
  • Proof of Exit Strategy: Since har money investment property loans are short-term, typically ranging from 3 to 4 years, lenders require a solid exit strategy. Borrower's need to demonstrate a clear plan for either selling the property, refinancing, or paying off the investment through alternative means.Ā 

By understandingĀ these requirements, you can navigateĀ the investmentĀ property loan process and make informed decisionsĀ to support your real estate investmentĀ goals.Ā 

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Hard Money Investment Property Loans and Expedite Closings 

When your partner with a reputable hard money lender, you can secure funding for your investment property in as little as 3 to 5 days. Real estate investors often turn to hard money loans to quickly capitalize on available properties. Once you obtain a hard money loan, you have the option to refinance it for a longer term with a lower rate. This can become crucial in competitive scenarios where multiple investors are fighting for the same property. Sellers are more inclined to accept offers from real estate investors with hard money loans due to the faster approval process and fewer complications associated with traditional loans. In some cases, sellers may even accept lower bids because they know the shorter escrow time will enable them to sell the property swiftly.

Rental Property Loans and Financing 

Purchasing rental property is a highly popular real estate investment strategy. Investors qquire these properties with the intentions of renting them out to tenants, generating income that exceeds the monthly expense (prinicpal, interest, taxes, insurance). Ideally, the property owner experiences positive cash flow from the outset, although this may not always be the case. Additionally, investors rely on the property's appreciation over time and leverage tax benefits to maximize their profits. 

Rental Properties and Hard Money Lenders 

Hard money lenders cater to borrowers seeking prompt financing o purchase properties. In some instances, these loans can be approved on the same day with funds disbursed within a few days. Once the loan is secured and the rental property is purchased, borrowers can explore options for long-term conventional loans with lower interest rates. Alternative, borrowers may approach hard money lenders when conventional lenders like banks or credit unions deny their loan applications. Conventional lenders may reject applications due to factors such as poor credit, excessive existing loans, recent bankruptcy, or a short sale. In contrast, hard money lenders primarily focus on the priperys value and the borrowers equity, including the down payment. This emphasis on value and equity allows hard money lenders to overlook proof credit and other factors that traditional lenders consider.

Rental Property Financing Requirements for Hard Money Lenders 

When seeking a hard money loan for a rental property investment, you will typically need a down payment of at least 25%, as hard money lenders do not offer 100% finance. Securing a rental property hard money loan is generally straightforward as long as you can cover the down payment and the property's holding costs. Incases where a real estate investors has sufficient equity in another property but lacks sufficient cash for a down payment, they may consider a cash-out refinance loan to raise the funds necessary for the new rental property purchase. Lenders will also evaluate the investor's cash reserves to ensure they can handle potential issues such as tenant vacancies, repairs, and unforeseen expenses. 

Hard money loans for rental properties are not typically short-term loans, with terms typically ranging from 3 - 4 years. While the loans may be amortized over 30 years,  ballon payment will be due at the end of the agree-upon term. Lenders will require clarity on the invests exit strategy upfront to understand how the borrower intends to repayu the rental property loan. The exit strategy may involve refinancing the rental property loan into a long-term conventional loan or selling the property for profit.,

Real Estate Investments Loans

Versara Capital offers a wide range of real estate invesmntnt loans to investors in the area. In addition to hard money investment property loans, we also provide investment property refinance loans and investment  property rehab loans, catering to the diverse needs of real estate investors. 

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